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Thermal Image Survey

Thermal Image UK Ltd, have been commissioned by Hobesco to conduct a survey of the Hill of Banchory area.
This will take place during the evening of Thursday 9th March and the morning of 10th March 2017.
The survey will principally be conducted on and from the street.
It will include the use of a mobile access platform and every effort will be made to minimise noise disturbance.
Access onto your property will not be required.
All surveyors will be wearing hi-visibility jackets and they have informed the local police that this survey is taking place.

Study into the Potential for Deep Geothermal Energy in Scotland, AECOM Report to Scottish Government, August 2013

2013-08 – Study into Deep Geothermal in Scotland

This Study, commissioned by the Scottish Government, reported on the steps necessary to take forward the commercialisation of deep geothermal energy in Scotland, including an assessment of the areas most likely to hold deep geothermal resource, and identification of policy options and key actions that can be implemented by the Scottish Government to encourage commercial exploitation

HOBESCO Geothermal Community Information Event, September 2015

2015-09-25 – Geothermal Slides for Stakeholder Event

We recently presented our work to date as members of a consortium looking at the feasibility of adding geothermal energy from hot dry and hot wet (granite) rocks at Hill of Fare to our Hill of Banchory Biomass Heat Network.    If you would like to make your opinion heard please complete our short Geothermal Energy Survey and email to info@hobesco.com or hand in a hard copy at Banchory Business Centre reception

2015-09-24 – Geothermal Energy Survey

Link: Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

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