Providing low carbon renewable energy to communities.


Our Heat Networks are an efficient and affordable solution in providing low carbon renewable energy to communities.


If you are concerned about meeting future payments during this unprecedented time, click here.


** Monday, 19th September 2022 **

** Contact Details **

Our offices will be closed on Monday, 19th September as a mark of respect following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, reopening on Tuesday, 20th September at 8.30am.

If you are experiencing issues during this time, please read the following guidance.

If you have no heating or hot water, please read our frequently asked questions. This will help you to determine if the cause is the Hobesco heat supply or heat interface unit (HIU) as the fault may be out with our supply.

If your heat supply unit is leaking, please telephone our out of hours maintenance contractor 1Call on 01224 638 888.

If, after reading our FAQ, you believe the fault to be with the Hobesco heat supply, or your house is less than 2 years old, please call 1Call 01224 638 888 for further assistance.

Please note, a call out charge will apply if the fault is found to be within your internal plumbing and heating system after it leaves the HIU.

The 1Call team will do its very best to respond to your enquiry in an appropriate and timely manner.

Thank you for your understanding.


If you are having issues with your heating system please refer to our FAQ page.

Link: Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

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