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Our Heat Networks

Hill of Banchory

Operating since 2012, the Hill of Banchory Biomass Heat Network is one of the largest privately owned renewable networks in Scotland.

The network currently supplies heat to residential dwellings, an office building, several industrial units, a micro distillery, a car wash and the recently opened Banchory Sports Village. It will eventually supply heat to 500 houses, and other commercial and community buildings.

The plant is sized to meet a forecast peak heat demand of 7.6MW and will supply 12,500MWh of heat per annum. The plant comprises both biomass and natural gas boilers, with 90% of heat currently generated from a 900kW wood chips boiler.

hill of banchory 3

Wood chip is produced locally from virgin forest timber which will is supplemented with sawmill co-product and SRC willow. Currently around 1,000 tonnes of wood chip is used per annum, saving 600 tonnes of CO2e emissions compared with natural gas.

For more details on our Hill of Banchory scheme see the ‘How it Works’ section on our website.

Craigton Cottages

Craigton Cottages are nine privately let dwellings owned by Banchory Trust. As part of improvements to the dwellings, the Trust commissioned HOBESCO to install a biomass heating system to replace electrical heating.

HOBESCO installed a 150kW KWB wood chips boiler within an existing outbuilding and constructed an underground concrete fuel store. Hot water is distributed from the plant room to the dwellings via pre-insulated underground pipework. Heat is transferred via an Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU) installed within each dwelling and provides for space heating and hot water.

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Wood chips are typically delivered by tipper truck every two weeks during the winter, which is conveyed automatically via auger to the boiler.

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The biomass heat network will supply 120MW of renewable heat per annum and save 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions versus electricity.

The Barn – arts centre, bistro and sport

The Barn installed a 100kW wood pellets boiler in 2010 to provide heat to the arts centre and the newly built adjoining Buchanan’s Bistro.  HOBESCO took over operations of the plant in 2012 and extended the heating network to include a large private dwelling and Deeside Rugby Football Club’s changing rooms.  Replacing individual oil boilers, the low carbon heating system saves 70 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Woodend 2015-05-21 - Woodend Plantroom - HOBESCO

Pantoch Cottages

A 35kW wood pellets boiler heats a terrace row of three traditional granite cottages.  Previously heated by electric, the biomass boiler has resulted in significant savings to the occupants heating bills and delivers 15 tonnes of carbon savings annually.

b2015-12-23 - Pantoch Cottages Boiler House - HOBESCO


HOBESCO Ltd is a subsidiary of North Banchory Company (Registered in Scotland, Company Number SC336394)

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