Maintaining Your Heating System

Our heat supply is transferred to your heating system via our Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU) which is located in your Property.  It is important that our HIU remains visible and accessible.  We will maintain our HIU and carry out periodic inspections.  Water leaks, and any other problems with our heat supply to your property, must be promptly reported to HOBESCO, or its service providers, who will arrange repair.

We advise that you maintain your heating system for an efficient heat supply.

Some of the periodic tasks you should carry out include –

  • Bleed/vent radiators – removes pockets of trapped air which create cold spots
  • Check pipework – check for leaks, particularly around radiators.  Listen out for irregular noises – a clanking sound could indicate a build-up of lime scale which causes water to get too hot
  • Treat water with chemical inhibitor – to prevent build-up of sludge resulting from corrosion when water reacts with steel, which can damage equipment and block the flow of water

This is not a comprehensive list of maintenance tasks, which you are advised to discuss and arrange with a plumbing and heating company.

2016-02-26 - Hall Radiator 22LTP - HOBESCO 2016-02-26 - Central Heating Programmer 22LTP - HOBESCO
Link: Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

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