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Hill of Banchory Primary School

HOBESCO was very happy once again to welcome Hill of Banchory Primary School to its Biomass Energy Centre.  The school’s visits coincided with National Climate Week which helped the children appreciate real examples of tackling climate change.

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P4  & P5 visits to HOBESCO – (Tuesday 4th March , Thursday 6th March)

HOBESCO has opened its doors to Hill of Banchory primary school and welcomed classes over the past two years.  All the pupils have been intrigued to go inside the huge building on their doorstep. 

The highly informative visit provided the opportunity for the pupils to go inside the building and learn about how energy is produced from locally sourced wood to supply houses in the community with heating and hot water.  The pupils were also taken on an outside trail where the pupils engaged in activities which helped them understand more about our native woodlands and sustainable forest management. 

Climate change, sustainability, biodiversity, renewable and non renewable resources – these are all huge concepts for young children to appreciate but they were all addressed during the visit in a local and meaningful context. 

This visit complimented the Curriculum for Excellence approach of active learning within real and relevant contexts to enable pupils to become responsible citizens. 

We hope the link will continue. 

Catherine |Twomey

P4 Class Teacher

12th March 2014

Link: Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

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